Paco Jamandreu

“I made Evita her most famous costumes, the ones she wore to the Teatro Colón, the ones she wore in Spain, the ones from her interview with the Pope.”

Born on October 17, 1925 in Mamaguita, province of Buenos Aires. He was a fashion designer, film costume designer, fashion critic, and actor.

An outstanding student in his hometown, he migrated to the Federal Capital at the age of sixteen, in pursuit of his dream of becoming a fashion designer. He went through various jobs, from dancer to grade teacher; he wrote fashion articles in publications such as Mundo Argentino and El Hogar, and articles for Radio Belgrano, Radio El Mundo and Radio Splendid.

He got his first big break through the film director Bayón Herrera, who introduced him to the world of the stars of the time: Zully Moreno became a regular client of Jamandreu. And he took care of designing costumes for movies.

The crisis in interwar Europe made it difficult for fashion items to arrive, and the designer’s clientele transcended show business to include the entire local elite. Among his clients, the most famous of him was undoubtedly Eva Duarte de Perón, with whom he maintained a close friendship.

The fall of Peronism, in 1955, marginalized the couturier, who went into exile in Brazil in 1958. When he returned to Argentina, he designed the costumes for several Armando Bó films, which featured his friend Isabel Sarli. . He began, then, a new stage of success for his designs; and he became known in America for his work. He dressed stars like Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford.

On March 9, 1995, he passed away from a heart attack while he was working on the costume production for the film Fall Love.

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